Flaked Epoxy Floors



The flake we use is a multi-coat broadcast concrete coating system. It is available in a variety of choices and color flakes to match your floor. Flakes can be used for terrazzo-like seamless flooring and numerous types of commercial and residential flooring applications.

  1. Concrete
  2. Pigmented Primer (8 mils)
  3. Pigmented Basecoat (12 mils)
  4. Flakes (14 lbs per 100 sq.ft.)
  5. Clear Topcoat (12-14 mils)


  • Wide choices of blends and finishes
  • Can be used as a floor or wall coating (vertical surface)
  • Not much maintenance
  • UV coating
  • Contoured finish allows for optimal traction
  • No hot-tire pickup
  • 1-day installation with next-day return to service with polyaspartic
  • All-climate  installation, including cold weather
  • Superior chemical resistance (gasoline, oil and de-icing salts)

Quartz Epoxy Floors

Quartz is a highly-durable concrete coating application which incorporates a double broadcast of colored quartz aggregates with polyaspartic or epoxy concrete coatings. The system provides flooring solutions for the most demanding heavy-traffic environments, specifically in areas which require excellent high traction properties.

  1. Concrete
  2. Pigmented Basecoat (8 mils)
  3. Broadcast (1 lb per 1 sq.ft.)
  4. Second Basecoat (14 mils)
  5. Broadcast (1/2 lb per 1 sq.ft.)
  6. Optional Clear Topcoat 


  • High traction coefficient
  • Wide assortment of custom finishes
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Superior durability & impact resistance
  • Rapid return to service

Metallic Epoxy Floors

A very popular decorative flooring system for residential, commercial or industrial use. Available in both epoxy and urethane and in a wide variety of beautiful and shiny colors. Metallic Flooring System is designed to provide a beautiful finish, color brilliance and depth. Different unique designs can be made by manipulation to create beautiful results and effects. Their quality, color variation and durability make them a very popular choice and product within commercial retail settings.

  1. Concrete
  2. Pigmented Basecoat (8 mils)
  3. Metallic coat (40-50mils)
  4. Optional Clear Topcoat (12 mils)


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Infinite creation with 2-3 different colors
  • Easy to install (2 or 3 coat system)
  • Interior use only
  • 2-day application with next-day return to service
  • Unique application techniques
  • UV stable
  • Waterbased urethane or epoxy wax to protect the floor
  • Can be polished